Custom Memory Quilts

Creating Custom Memory Quilts Just for You

This past year was amazing! Whether you spent the time raising your first child or even collecting T-shirts from all the ballparks across the country, DollyWolly Quilting and Sewing can turn it all into custom memory quilts. We use all the favorite outfits from your baby's first year and create a colorful quilt that you will always cherish. Have one made for just about any occasion! Send us the fabric, shirts, pants, and hats, and we do the rest!

Hand Stitched Heirloom Quilts Worthy of Your Love and Theirs

It takes time to make heirloom quilts. Nearly as long as the courtship between the newlyweds! Help them to celebrate their new life together with a stunning double wedding ring quilt. Each and every piece is hand stitched while the crafter pours well wishes and hope for the future into every stitch. Incredibly detailed, dazzling colors, and traditional patterns help them to begin their journey through time side by side.

Select the Colors and Patterns, We do the Rest!

The beauty of the art of quilting is that there is no limit to the combination of colors, fabrics, and stitches in the final product. When you order a customized quilt from DollyWolly Quilting and Sewing, you get to choose all the colors, the pattern, and the story that it will tell. We provide the skilled artisans that turn your dreams into reality. Every item is unique and cannot be duplicated, even if we tried!

Feel free to shop from our existing inventory on our online store, or give us a call and place your order for a customized quilt or clothing. The recipient will remember this gift for years with love and smiles.